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Leaked Tesla Cybertruck frame image shows disappointing design detail

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A leaked Tesla Cybertruck frame image shows a disappointing design detail that many owners hoped to have, as there is no cargo tunnel into the vault that would extend the hauling length allowing for long materials to extend from the bed into the cabin.

A photo of the Cybertruck on production lines as the body comes together shows the vehicle is fitted with anti-corrosion coating, which is a great idea for the truck as it will be used commonly as a construction vehicle.

Tesla also plans to have the Cybertruck operate in water as a boat, at least in some instances, and the anti-corrosion is a great idea if owners put this to the test.

If they do, extensive damage can occur, and if it is too far gone, corrosion could be the death sentence for the all-electric pickup.

Separately, observers of the Cybertruck are interested in the lack of a passthrough from the bed to the cabin.

Those on the Tesla Motors subreddit are disappointed to see that there is no evident passthrough in the body of the Cybertruck that would link the cabin to the bed, which eliminates the possibility of using the pickup as an overlander for camping, or for excessive space for hauling materials.

Speculation has persisted for some time on whether Tesla would include a passthrough for various applications. Of course, the final design of the Cybertruck has been seen on various occasions throughout Texas and California, but the finer details have yet to be revealed by Tesla.

Things like this design detail, in particular, are not likely to be revealed until the Cybertruck’s delivery event, which is scheduled for this quarter and will hopefully happen on time.

Tesla has been known to be aggressive with some timelines, but all evidence seems to show the Cybertruck’s initial production phases have started and the automaker is moving forward with the initial customer builds.

Tesla Cybertruck body with single-piece rear megacast spotted in Giga Texas

There are several reasons the Cybertruck may not have been the most ideal candidate for a passthrough, or midgate, as it is often called. Tesla will do things that they feel are best for the vehicle and its design, and that is our first conclusion: maybe they just didn’t want to do it.

Secondly, it could have been an engineering issue. Midgates would likely require a different build of the truck entirely, and although it is only a slight difference in design, Tesla may have had its mind set on developing the Cybertruck without one. More details could be revealed on why in the future, but it does not seem apparent at the moment.

There are no known safety issues with having a midgate, and if Tesla was hoping to win over some truck buyers with the Cybertruck, there is the possibility that the lack of one could have potential customers opting for another design. The Sierra EV Denali from GMC has one, as well as the Silverado EV from Chevrolet, but only in its most expensive configuration, which comes in over $100,000.

While we don’t expect it to be a major pain point for truck buyers that are opting for an EV, the Tesla Cybertruck lacking a midgate could be one of the few downsides of the pickup as initial deliveries near.

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Leaked Tesla Cybertruck frame image shows disappointing design detail
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