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Tesla Cybertruck body with single-piece rear megacast spotted in Giga Texas

Credit: Kim Java/Twitter

When Elon Musk provided an update during his opening remarks at the Q3 2022 earnings call, he made it a point to highlight that Tesla is already in the “final lap” for the Cybertruck. This was highlighted in the company’s Q3 2022 Update Letter, which listed the Cybertruck as a vehicle that was already in its “tooling” phase. 

Days after the Q3 2022 earnings call, images of Cybertruck bodies being moved through Giga Texas were shared online. The bodies were fully covered, but it was evident from the vehicles’ size and shape that it was the Cybertruck. Since then, only a few images of the Cybertruck inside Giga Texas have emerged. That is, at least, until now. 

An image of a Cybertruck body with its apparent single-piece rear megacast was recently shared online. The photo was shared on YouTube by longtime Tesla owner and EV advocate Kim Java, who noted that the image was taken from Giga Texas. The photograph was taken from the vehicle’s rear, and it showed what seems to be two main parts of the Cybertruck’s body put together. One looked like a megacast and the other looked like it was hydroformed stainless steel

A close look at the rear megacast hints at a number of interesting details. For one, Elon Musk was not kidding when he previously stated that the Cybertruck’s rear requires a casting that’s bigger than those used in the Model Y. Musk has noted that Tesla would have to use the largest casting machine available for the Cybertruck’s rear body because it’s a large vehicle with a long truck bed, and it has to be capable of carrying a lot of weight. As could be seen in the recent photo from Giga Texas, the single-piece megacast for the Cybertruck’s rear is indeed the largest yet. 

Credit: Kim Java/Twitter

Also interesting in the recent Cybertruck image was the apparent absence of a folding midgate. This came as a slight disappointment for some Tesla supporters, as some were looking forward to the feature. A folding midgate was also heavily hinted at in a Tesla patent from last year, which describes folding rear seats. The patent was met with much excitement as it would make the Cybertruck a great camping vehicle. If the recent image of the Cybertruck and its megacast is any indication, it would appear that this won’t be the case.

Inasmuch as there is still a lot of doubt from skeptics who believe that the Cybertruck is simply vaporware that will never get released, updates from Giga Texas and the growing number of images of the all-electric pickup truck in Tesla’s facilities suggest that the vehicle is indeed closing in on production. This was practically confirmed by Tesla in the Q3 2022 earnings call when the company noted that Giga Texas is on track to start early Cybertruck production in the middle of 2023

A video of the leaked Cybertruck rear megacast can be viewed below.

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Tesla Cybertruck body with single-piece rear megacast spotted in Giga Texas
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