LG & Hyundai launch first battery factory in Indonesia

(Credit: Hyundai Alabama)

LG Energy Solution (LGES) and Hyundai Motor Company recently announced the completion of the construction of their battery factory in Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s biggest nickel producer, making it the ideal location for an EV battery factory.

“Vehicles produced and sold in Indonesia will set a new standard for potential customers in Southeast Asia,” Hyundai Motor Group Executive Chair Chung Euisun said. “The activation of the Indonesian EV industry will provide fresh economic opportunities to Southeast Asia.”

The Hyundai LG Indonesia (HLI) Green Power Factory will focus on mass-producing electric vehicle (EV) battery cells. The battery facility will complete Hyundai Motor Group’s EV production ecosystem in Indonesia. 

Hyundai aims to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. Its new battery plant with LGES in Indonesia is expected to boost Hyundai’s production capacity and significantly contribute to its economic growth. The South Korean automaker plans to use the batteries from its HLI Green Power Factory in Kona Electric cars. 

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LG & Hyundai launch first battery factory in Indonesia
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