Mini partners with Pokemon in concept vehicle unveiling

Credit: MINI

Mini has partnered with Pokemon to show off its concept vehicle, the Aceman, at Gamescom this week.

Mini unveiled their concept vehicle, the Aceman, earlier this year, and they have again displayed it at Gamescom this week. The vehicle shows that a playful future still exists with EV Mini products. The car maintains the playful Mini design and merges a set of Pokemon side stickers, Pokemon side ground projectors, and Pokemon-designed interior UI.

When the Mini Aceman was unveiled, I covered the event, and I will be the first to admit that I was excited. I liked the vehicle’s design, and it made me hopeful for the brand’s future. However, with a production model expected to be introduced before 2024, I hoped to see more concrete technical specs released for the vehicle. This has not happened.

The showing at Gamescom showed much of the same from the initial reveal, plus some Pokemon easter eggs sprinkled throughout the car. The car was displayed via a giant toy box, much like a hot wheels car, while Pokemon branding was found throughout the cabin and exterior.

Very few details have been released about the vehicle as of today. Mini does intend to make a production version of the Aceman and aims to do so by 2024. It remains unclear if many distinctive features (the glowing dash, the glowing front fascia, or aggressively minimal interior design) will remain in a production model. Nonetheless, it will be a necessary product to help Mini reach its goal of 50% EV sales by 2027.

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Mini partners with Pokemon in concept vehicle unveiling
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