New Tesla Roadster Battery Due In August

An upgrade Tesla Roadster battery is due in August, 2015

Elon Musk has tweeted that the new, upgraded Tesla Roadster battery should be available in August. He was responding to an inquiry from Bonnie Norman.

An upgrade Tesla Roadster battery is due in August, 2015

Tesla told us back in December that a Tesla Roadster 3.0 was in the works which consisted of an upgraded 70kWh battery and aero upgrades for the Roadster. The current battery was state of the art back in 2008 but is fairly outdated today because battery technology is moving almost as fast as a P85D. As a result of recent advances, the upgraded Tesla Roadster battery is expected to be rated at 70 kWh and have 31% more energy. Despite the increase in capacity and performance, it will be the same size as the original battery and likely be a seamless retrofit into the Roadster.

Long time Tesla supporter and Roadster owner @bonnienorman on Twitter tweeted Elon Musk directly last week to ask when the new Tesla Roadster battery will be available. Shortly after Bonnie’s tweet, Elon Musk tweeted back this response: “New Roadster battery should complete safety validation by end of July, so likely available in August.”

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