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Nikola adds multi-modal transportation expert to its Board of Directors

Credit: Nikola Corp.

Hydrogen and electric truck maker Nikola Corporation has announced that it is appointing multi-modal transportation expert John Vesco as a new member of its Board of Directors. Vesco brings over three decades’ worth of expertise in the transportation sector to Nikola, which is looking to ramp the production and delivery of its vehicles. 

As noted by Nikola in a press release, Vesco is well-versed and experienced with leadership within prominent transportation and supply chain organizations, such as Hub Group and Schneider. Steve Shindler, chairman of Nikola’s Board of Directors, shared his excitement for the addition of the transportation veteran to the company’s leadership. 

“We are thrilled to welcome John Vesco to Nikola’s Board of Directors. With his wide-ranging expertise in creating strategic customer relationships, asset management and navigating complex supply chain models, John brings a wealth of knowledge that I am confident will enrich our vision moving forward. We look forward to leveraging his insights as we execute our business plan,” Shindler said. 

Vesco has remained active in the logistics industry as a consultant to organizations developing emerging technologies and as an advisor on mergers and acquisitions. He also shares his expertise as an adjunct professor at Concordia and Aurora University, where he teaches courses in supply chain, leadership, and operations management.

In a statement, Vesco noted that he is optimistic about Nikola. He also noted that he has been impressed with the company so far, partly due to its ambitious targets, which include pushing the transportation sector towards more sustainable solutions. 

“I am pleased and honored to join Nikola’s distinguished Board of Directors, as their commitment to revolutionizing transportation and energy aligns with my own passion for sustainability and innovation. I am impressed with their dedication to manufacturing an industry-leading Class 8 semi-truck consistent with my career-long devotion to safety in the industry. Together, we will continue to pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient path forward in the transportation industry,” Vesco said. 

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Nikola adds multi-modal transportation expert to its Board of Directors
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