Tesla Model 3 Highland edition available in Australia and New Zealand

Tesla configurators have been updated for the official launch of the Model 3 refresh from Project Highland. The Model 3 Highland edition is available in China, Europe, and the Middle East. Now, it is also available in Australia and New Zealand. 

The Model 3 refresh in Australia and New Zealand has the same specs and features as the units delivered to customers in Europe and the Middle East. The Model 3 Highland edition in China only differs in range, but that may be because the Asian country uses a different standard to estimate range compared to Europe and the Middle East. 

Project Highland’s Model 3 Performance is unavailable as of this writing. Tesla has only made the refresh Model 3 RWD and Long Range Dual-Motor AWD available in select countries.

In Australia, the Model 3 Highland edition’s RWD variant starts at AUD $61,900 (USD $40,066.33), while the Long Range Model 3 costs AUD $71,900 (USD $46,539.08 before options. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, the RWD costs NZD $67,900 ($40,496.67) before options, and the Long Range Model 3 refresh starts at NZD $76,200 ((USD $47,903.13). 

Compared to Germany, the Tesla Model 3 refresh costs less in Australia and New Zealand. Tesla China sells the Model 3 Highland edition at lower prices, starting with USD $35,809.26 for the RWD variant and USD $40,769.37 for the Long Range version. 

Some customers in Australia can avail of electric car rebates offered by local governments. For instance, the NSW Government provides a $3,000 rebate for new electric vehicle purchases under a vehicle subtotal of AUD $68,750. 

The New Zealand government offers a Clean Car Discount of NZD $7,015 for new electric vehicles with a drive-away price under NZD $80,000. New Zealand’s Clean Car Discount is provided on a first come, first serve basis. The rebate refunds will only be available while the fund lasts.

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Tesla Model 3 Highland edition available in Australia and New Zealand
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