ONE Technologies teams with BMW to achieve iX EV with 600 miles of range

ONE Technologies Gemini in BMW iX

ONE Technologies, a battery manufacturing startup out of Novi, Michigan, has announced that they will be working with BMW to test their new “dual chemistry” battery and have the goal of achieving 600 miles of range on a single charge with the company’s iX electric vehicle.

Earlier this year, ONE became a  when they were able to achieve a 752-mile drive in a Tesla Model S with their battery chemistry swapped in. The test proved to be beneficial and informative as the vehicle even traveled at an average speed of 55 MPH. Since then, they have garnered interest from multiple venture capital groups, but more notably, from BMW. In its most recent announcement, the company stated that it would be working with a BMW iX in order to test its prototype Gemini “dual chemistry” battery. After initial testing is done by ONE, more testing will be continued by BMW, which may allow for the creation of a more long-term relationship with the brand.

According to their website, ONE plans on releasing a more normal LFP battery, the Aries. However, the testing that has been done on the Model S and soon to be done on the iX has been with their Gemini battery that features “dual chemistry.”

The Gemini chemistry is slightly different than the Aries. ONE’s Gemini battery tech reduces lithium use by one-fifth while reducing graphite use by three-fifths while utilizing less nickel and cobalt. By using this type of chemistry, ONE is creating more sustainable energy storage technology that can significantly reduce environmental impacts, it said.

CEO Mujeeb Ijaz said, “We are thrilled to be working with BMW to demonstrate our Gemini long-range battery technology to consumers. As EV adoption grows, drivers are learning that real-world conditions can significantly reduce the performance of their batteries. Common situations like maintaining highway speeds, winter temperatures, climbing mountains, towing, or a combination of all four things present challenges to electric vehicles. We plan to pack twice as much energy into batteries, so EVs can easily handle long-distance driving in real-world conditions.”

Electric vehicle batteries are affected by weather conditions, which has been a primary focus of many automakers to resolve, especially in colder climates. Tesla and Rivian have adopted heat pump strategies to combat range loss in cold weather climates, but even still, the issues are magnified in extreme conditions.

In an interview with Car and Driver, the Ijaz described the Gemini battery as having 2 sections, each with its own chemistry. The first zone, which will propel the vehicle for the vast majority of the time uses LFP chemistry, while the second section uses a proprietary blend of lithium, manganese, and oxygen “while minimizing the use of nickel, cobalt, and eliminating graphite.”

ONE believes it can double the energy density of current batteries while remaining safer, more sustainable, and conflict-free compared to their competition, which is plentiful in the region. Looking at Europe, companies like Northvolt and Rimac are attempting to achieve similar results in making more sustainable batteries, and neither of them lack interest from big manufacturers like Porsche, VW, and Volvo. Even looking at smaller groups like Solid Power in Colorado working on solid-state technology, they have no trouble gathering interest from the likes of Ford, GM, Stellantis, and many others.

Nonetheless, the battery startup space is proving to be a crowded one, and ONE will have to do more than amazing vehicle testing if they hope to get their batteries on the road.

Check out ONE’s video of the Model S traveling 752 miles below.

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ONE Technologies teams with BMW to achieve iX EV with 600 miles of range
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