Panasonic boosts its Heating & Ventilation A/C company through a new alliance

(Credit: Panasonic)

Panasonic Corporation is boosting its Heating and ventilation A/C Business through a business alliance with tado°, a German energy control solution company. 

Through their alliance, the two companies will also aid each other in proposals and sales of their products and services. Even more significant, Panasonic and tado°are working together to develop software for the Japanese company’s air-to-water (A2W) heat pumps.

“I am delighted with our collaboration with Panasonic, a venerable company with a leading market share in the European A2W industry. I am confident that the collaboration between the two companies will be a significant step toward fulfilling our companies’ mission to accelerate the transition to green energy in Europe,” said Christian Deilmann, the founder of tado°.

Through its alliance with the German company, Panasonic seeks to enhance the efficiency of A2W operations and help customers reduce their energy costs. The European energy control solution company manufactures and sells Smart Thermostats that connect air-conditioning equipment and heating appliances to the internet. The Thermostats provide services that enable remote control with mobile applications and support reduced energy consumption. 

Panasonic hopes to link tado°’s Smart Thermostat with its A2W units to enable remote temperature control indoors in units like radiators. Through Panasonic and tado°’s technologies, the Japanese company aims to provide customers with optimal heating and cooling systems.

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Panasonic boosts its Heating & Ventilation A/C company through a new alliance
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