[Podcast] The Man Who Got the High Five from Elon

Ride the Lightning: Unofficial Tesla Motors Podcast“Meet the New Model S”

In this week’s episode of Ride the Lightning, Ryan McCaffrey discusses the new Model S refresh and receives a call from a Model 3 reservation holder that recounts his run-in with Elon Musk at Century City mall the day of Model 3 mania.

Listen to the Podcast below.

This week on Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast:

“The Model S finally gets its long-anticipated refresh. Meanwhile, Model X gets a good and a bad surprise, there’s a sign that Model 3 might be indeed be getting a heads-up display, and more! Don’t forget to leave a message on the Ride the Lightning hotline anytime with a question, comment, or discussion topic for next week’s show! The toll-free number to call or Skype is 1-888-989-8752.

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