[Podcast] Model 3 Performance and Tire Size Details Revealed

Ride the Lightning: Unofficial Tesla Motors Podcast“Model 3 Ludicrous Mode and Tire Sizes Confirmed:”

Elon replies to a fan’s tweet and confirms Model 3 to have Ludicrous Mode. Motor Trend does a photoshoot of the Model 3 at the Gigafactory, and reveals that the prototype has a staggered wheel and tire set up, and more on this week’s Ride the Lightning Podcast.

This week on Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast:

“Model 3 visits the Gigafactory and gets a Ludicrous mode — plus Model 3 battery info, exact tire sizes, and more. Don’t forget to leave a message on the Ride the Lightning hotline anytime with a question, comment, or discussion topic for next week’s show! The toll-free number to call or Skype is 1-888-989-8752.

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