Porsche opens orders for Taycan (Mission E), sees warm reception from buyers

Porsche Managing Director Alexander Pollich has announced that interested customers have already begun ordering the all-electric Taycan, formerly known as the Mission E. The Porsche executive stated that the reception to the Taycan has been incredibly positive, ahead of next year’s official unveiling.

Pollich noted that Porsche opened orders for the all-wheel drive, high-performance electric sedan earlier this month. Although he did not quote the exact number or orders the Taycan has received, he did state that the reaction from customers has been “fantastic.” Pollich stated that the Taycan is, in a way, a return to Porsche’s roots, especially considering that the company started with an electric car back in 1898.  

“The reaction from customers has been fantastic – from the moment we announced the car to now, when we have asked customers to register their interest for the first cars. The history of Porsche began with an electric car in 1898 and that provides some inspiration and motivation for us. Of course, there was a big gap, but we have led with the introduction of hybrids, and now we will use our heritage and learnings to offer a class-leading electric car,” he said.

Ultimately, the Porsche executive stated that the warm reception to the Taycan is indicative of how keen car buyers are about zero-emissions vehicles. Pollich also acknowledged the importance of Tesla, its biggest rival in the electric car industry, for helping make EVs as viable and even preferable alternatives to gas-powered vehicles. The Porche exec further noted that it would be adopting a similar strategy as Tesla by creating a fast charger network for the Taycan and its future electric car offerings like the Mission E Cross Turismo.

“The next 18 months will be fascinating, as we develop and reveal the car, but what is already clear is that customers are keen. They are talking to our dealers asking how to get to the top of the priority lists and asking to access more information. (Tesla has) been the pioneers and they have set a big challenge. What’s clear is that at Porsche we are planning to rise to that challenge, not just with our car, but in providing owners with the full 360-degree view to allow seamless ownership, including creating a supercharger network,” Pollich said.

Overall, if there is anything highlighted by the warm reception to the Taycan among Porsche’s buyers, it is the fact that interest in electric vehicles is ever-expanding. Porsche, after all, is known as a legacy automaker that makes some of the best sports cars on the market. It is also a carmaker that caters to a rather exclusive customer base. Thus, seeing its demographic being so supportive of the Taycan is indicative of the encouraging future of electric mobility.

The Porsche executive’s statements about Tesla and its own fast-charging network are encouraging for future Taycan owners. One of Tesla’s key strengths, after all, is its Supercharger network, which is the one factor that makes its electric vehicles capable of long-distance travel. Porsche has already committed to its own fast-charging system, partnering with the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford and the Volkswagen Group in a project to develop a fast charging network in Europe dubbed as IONITY. The legacy automaker also expects to install 500 fast chargers in the United States ahead of the Taycan’s rollout sometime next year.

Porsche opens orders for Taycan (Mission E), sees warm reception from buyers
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