Porsche’s production plans for Taycan and new 911 hint at serious electrification

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In a recent interview, Porsche executive board member Albrecht Reimold hinted at the plans for the upcoming production ramp of the Taycan — the company’s first all-electric car. During the interview, the Porsche executive described how the Taycan’s production is closely related to the manufacturing of the 911, and how the company is getting one of its most iconic vehicles for electrification in the future.

Only a few of Porsche’s creations can hold a candle to the legendary 911, a premium sports car whose performance borders on the supercar level. Porsche is currently preparing its new 911, and Reimold has noted that plans are underway to prepare for the vehicle’s production. Coincidentally, the new 911 would be produced side-by-side with the upcoming Taycan. The Porsche executive further stated that the production of the two cars would have some similarities, to the point that the new 911 could actually be built in the Taycan’s manufacturing lines.

“There is some overlap of course; starting with the logistics processes, and we are also building a new paint shop that all models could be painted in. We have built lots of flexibility into production so that the 911 can also be produced in the Taycan assembly plant – though not vice versa,” he said.

During the interview, the Porsche executive was asked if the strategy for the 911 and Taycan production line was set as a precaution in case the electric car fails to succeed on the market. Reimold answered the question confidently, stating that all signs are pointing to the Taycan making a significant impact in the luxury car industry. The exec added that based on his own experience with the upcoming vehicle, he is quite optimistic about the Taycan’s chances on the market.

“Based on feedback from the market, the calculation of 20,000 Porsche Taycan models in the first year may be a rather conservative estimate. I’ve had the pleasure of driving the car myself, and I can only say it’s absolutely fantastic! Which is the response we’ve been hearing from all sides,” he said.

Perhaps the most notable statement in the interview with the Porsche executive is about the future of the 911 as the company embraces electrification. Porsche is among the veteran carmakers that has dedicated itself to pushing electrified transportation, announcing last year that it was retiring its diesel-powered lineup of vehicles in favor of all-electric or hybrid cars. In the case of the new 911, Reimold explained that while there are no plans for an electrified version of the iconic vehicle, the company is ready to implement a hybridization strategy for the sports car.

“(Hybridization) is still a rather minor one because customers expect the 911 to be what it is. But it’s not entirely out of mind. For example, we have designed the model to enable drivetrain electrification – hybridization in other words, so we would be ready to implement a change like that,” he said.

Reimold also noted that the 911 would always be an icon for the company, despite the all-electric Taycan dominating Porsche’s headlines today. Overall, if there is anything invoked by Porsche’s plans for the 911 and the Taycan’s production, it is that the carmaker is not shying away from electrification. Building one of its most important and historic vehicles alongside its first-ever all-electric car, after all, shows a notable commitment towards electrification.

The Porsche Taycan is expected to start production sometime later this year.  The carmaker is yet to unveil the production version of the Taycan, though sightings of the company’s test mules hint at serious track performance.

Porsche’s production plans for Taycan and new 911 hint at serious electrification
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