Porsche Taycan gets big software update with a strange battery charging adjustment

Porsche Taycan Turbo S (Source: Teslarati)

Porsche has rolled out several critical updates with the 2021 Taycan, but this does not mean that owners of 2020 model year Taycans will be left behind. As noted by the sports car maker, 2020 Taycan owners would have the option to update their cars for free, provided that they are willing to pay a visit to a Porsche dealer. 

The updates in the 2021 Taycan are substantial. There’s Apple CarPlay, which should make synching iOS devices easier. The update also enables the ambient lighting inside the Taycan to change its color depending on the music being played. Navigation improvements are also available, which are expected to add better traffic data and a simplified structure when searching for EV charging locations. 

This is where things become a bit strange. Porsche noted that the 2021 software update would allow Taycan drivers to reduce the maximum charging speed of their vehicle from 270 kW to 200 kW. This is quite strange considering that the Taycan had been promoted as a car that could routinely charge at 350 kW. Porsche, for its part, explained that the update is designed to preserve battery life and performance. 

The sports car maker also noted that the maximum charging speed reduction had been requested by some Porsche customers. This was explained by Robert Meier, Taycan vehicle line director, in a statement to the media on Monday. “The charging process might take 5 to 10 minutes longer, but it gives some battery saving for customers who want to take care of the battery.”

Other improvements in Porsche’s 2021 Taycan update include Smartlift, which makes the vehicle’s air suspension system better; and Functions on Demand, which offers access to several subscription-based services like InnoDrive, a highway driving assistance system with features like lane-keeping. 

The 2021 software update also includes performance adjustments, such as “recalibrated software for control units responsible for powertrain and suspension control.” Meier noted that the software has “some fine-tuning in the communication between the power electronics and the battery management,” which could improve the 0-to-200 kph time in the Taycan Turbo S by 0.2 seconds, from 9.8 seconds to 9.6 seconds. 

The automaker will contact 2020 Porsche Taycan owners to set up a dealer visit for their 2021 software update. 

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Porsche Taycan gets big software update with a strange battery charging adjustment
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