Porsche Taycan becomes first to charge at 270 kW on Electrify America’s Ultra-Fast DC Chargers

(Credit: Electrify America)

On the day of the Porsche Taycan’s unveiling, the all-electric sports car from Zuffenhausen traveled from Niagara Falls to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania after a record-setting charging session. This was made possible with not only the Taycan’s 800-volt architecture, but also Electrify America’s (EA) ultra-fast 270 kW DC Charger, currently the fastest rate in the industry.

The Porsche Taycan utilized Electrify America’s high-powered charger to replenish its 93 kWh battery from 5% to 80% in 22.5 minutes. The 250-mile journey from the U.S.-Canadian border to Bloomsburg, PA provides an optimistic teaser of the rapidly-growing high-powered charging infrastructure in the United States, outside of Tesla’s better-known global network of Superchargers.

“When Electrify America was formed, the idea of ultra-fast public charging was still very theoretical, and no 350 kW chargers were available to electric vehicle drivers. Today we are proud to showcase our network’s diligent engineering capability through successful, real-world 270 kW DC fast charging examples, finally making ultra-fast public charging a true reality,” notes Giovanni Palazzo, Chief Executive Officer of Electrify, in a press release.

The Taycan was initially announced by Porsche to be compatible with Electrify America’s maximum output of 350 kW, though the German carmaker opted to adjust this rate to 270 kW, citing current battery cell chemistry can not safely support higher power levels. Nevertheless, even at 270 kW, the Porsche Taycan and Electrify America’s ultra-fast DC chargers still represent the fastest EV charging rate available in the market today.

The volume of chargers has seen a drastic rise in both technological improvement and mass expansion across the world due to the increasing demand for electric cars throughout the world. Electrify America’s latest ultra-fast chargers is in response to the growing demand for time-efficient chargers that will allow more people to recharge their vehicles in a shorter period of time.

Tesla, for its part, currently utilizes a network of 150 kWh Superchargers V2 stations, though the company has begun rolling out a network of 250 kWh V3 Superchargers. Tesla’s new, more powerful V3 Superchargers, along with Electrify America’s new, high-powered EV chargers usher in a new era of super-fast EV charging. With faster charge times, EV owners across the board will spend less time at charging stations during long trips, and more time behind the wheel, decreasing overall trip time. According to Tesla’s March 2019 press release regarding the new, high-powered superchargers will allow peak rates of 250 kWh per car, giving owners of the Long Range Model 3 75 miles of charge in only 5 minutes.

Porsche Taycan becomes first to charge at 270 kW on Electrify America’s Ultra-Fast DC Chargers
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