Pre-Autopilot Tesla Model S Firmware 8.0 Release Notes

There’s been a lot of talk about Tesla’s new radar-centric Autopilot capabilities, capable of seeing three cars ahead, but lost in the spotlight are also improvements that made its way to early Model S adopters through Firmware 8.0. We’ll be taking a look at these updates through a series of short posts while sharing our thoughts on each feature.

But before we dive into the feature sets, we thought it might be worthwhile to first circulate screenshots of the release notes, especially as we know a number of pre-Autopilot Model S owners are still anxiously waiting for the over-the-air update and want to see what’s coming.

The most significant improvements in Firmware 8.0 are in the following areas:

  • Media player
  • Navigation & trip planner
  • Trips (Trip A, B)
  • Cabin overheat protection

The screenshots below are from Firmware 8.0 (2.36.108) from a 2014 Tesla Model S 85.

Source: Teslaliving.

So what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll soon be sharing our thoughts on the Version 8.0 changes that made its way into  the pre-Autopilot Model S.

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