Redwood Materials widens its recycling efforts

(Credit: Redwood Materials)

Redwood Materials widened its recycling efforts recently, including stationary energy storage systems to its list. Redwood Materials has recycled plenty of batteries since it started. 

Recently, Redwood Materials worked with the Kaua’i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) on a project involving a first-generation storage energy project. KIUC wanted to decommission the storage project at the Anahola station started by the Anahola Solar Initiative, a 4.6 MWh battery storage system. The collaboration with KIUC helped Redwood Materials enter a new stage in its recycling journey: one that dealt with bigger batteries. 

“As we think about long-term battery circularity, stationary storage decommissioning and recycling are an integral part of our business. Our recent partnership with Southern Company and EPRI in Georgia demonstrates our ongoing work in this growing sector. With each project, we’re clearing the path for newer, more efficient systems and ensuring resources are managed responsibly and effectively throughout their lifecycle.

“KIUC’s sustainable vision doesn’t stop at energy production; their approach to energy—from installation to decommissioning—sets an example not just for Hawaiʻi but for regions worldwide. Partnering with KIUC demonstrates our shared commitment to a sustainable energy future, and we look forward to continuing to drive that vision in energy storage,” stated Redwood Materials about the project. 

Earlier this year, Redwood Materials provided a one-year updated on its work recycling essential materials. The report showed that the recycling company recovered about 95% of metals from end-of-life (EOL) battery packs. Redwood also stated that most of the materials from its recycled battery pack could be used to produce anode and cathodes for cell production. 

At the beginning of the year, Redwood Materials received a $2 billion conditional commitment from the United States Department of Energy (DOE). In August, Redwood announced the completion of an equity funding round, which raised $1 billion in Series D shares. 

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Redwood Materials widens its recycling efforts
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