Redwood Materials sets sights on recycling consumer devices for essential battery materials

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Redwood Materials launched a Consumer Recycling Program to reduce the world’s reliance on newly mined materials. 

“If properly recycled, your old and broken devices can decrease global reliance on mining and lower the cost and environmental impact of products,” explained Redwood Materials. 

The company asks people to recycle consumer devices in their homes, like electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, drills, robot vacuums, and rechargeable TV remotes, among other everyday household items. Redwood specifically states that it accepts any rechargeable device with a lithium-ion battery. 

The company adds that it can recover more than 95% of materials, like nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum, lithium, and graphite from a lithium-ion battery. The materials recovered would return directly to the supply chain to make batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage products. For instance, Redwood supplies Tesla Giga Nevada with copper.

Anyone interested in joining the program can send the rechargeable devices they don’t use straight to Redwood. The company asks that individuals send their devices to the following address.

Redwood Materials

Attn: Consumer Program

2401 Conestoga Dr.

Carson City, NV 89706

People should properly package their devices before sending them to Redwood s. Participants sending devices with batteries should use standard packaging like a strong cardboard box with inner packing materials. The package should not exceed 66lbs. For loose lithium-ion batteries, Redwood advised people to follow DOT guidelines. 

Redwood is willing to work with businesses and organizations that want to recycle and participate in the program. Businesses and large organizations that want to work with Redwood should first contact

Redwood Materials does not offer compensation for Consumer Recycling Program. Currently, the program seems to concentrate within the United States. However, Redwood plans to build a plant in Europe and may expand the recycling program as well.

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Redwood Materials sets sights on recycling consumer devices for essential battery materials
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