Relativity Space shares updated view of future Terran R launch site

The future Terran R launch site, SLC 16 under construction (Credit Relativity Space)

Relativity Space has made major changes at Space Launch Complex 16 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, where its Terran R rocket will be launched.

The launch site last saw the company launch its Terran 1 rocket on its first and only test flight in March 2023. The launch proved the 3D-printed rocket could withstand maximum aerodynamic pressure. While the rocket didn’t make it to orbit due to the second stage not igniting, it gave the company the confidence it needed to move forward to the Terran R.

Relativity had done a complete restoration of SLC-16 for Terran 1. After sharing updated photos it appears that nearly all of that work has been demolished as they make way for the much larger Terran R.

Render of future plans for SLC-16 (Credit Relativity Space)

The company already has a horizontal integration facility that it was using for the Terran 1. Still, with the Terran R, they will build an additional facility that will be able to fit multiple Terran R rockets prior to launch.

As of now, the current Terran 1 launch pad will remain, and they will build the Terran R launch pad from the ground up to ensure it is suitable for handling the forces exerted by 13 Aeon R engines at lift-off.

It does appear that they have changed where the fuel farm will be located compared to a render shown a year before the updated aerial view that was recently revealed but the overall layout looks to be roughly the same.

Relativity Space has stated it aims to launch Terran R sometime in 2026. With its test stand at NASA’s Stennis Space Center nearing completion, the company will be able to conduct tests on its new Aeon R engine at a higher cadence.

They also recently shared how they have been testing a Terran R model at a wind tunnel to validate the rocket’s design and guidance through the atmosphere and ensure it performs nominally when it attempts its first launch in 2026.

Are you looking forward to what Relativity Space is building? Do you think it will be competitive in a rapidly growing market for new launchers?

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Relativity Space shares updated view of future Terran R launch site
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