Review: Cargo Cover for Transporting Pets in the Model S

Weeks before delivery of our beloved red Model S with black leather interior, it dawned on me that our dog is tan. Her fur is soft to the touch but each individual hair is short and stiff and weaves its way into fabrics and carpets in a way that seems to defy physics.

Enter the solution: The K and H Manufacturing Economy Cargo Cover.

This cargo cover is a simple vinyl and nylon cover with straps that go around the headrests of the rear seat, and several pieces of Velcro to attach to carpeted cargo area surfaces. It is considered to have a “universal fit” and claims it will protect your surface from wetness. On our very first road trip, I was able to confirm that latter claim. Our dog had her first and thus far only accident while on the road and the evidence was able to be poured right out with no leaking in to the actual cargo area of the car. She was also laying in a very small, thin dog bed, so that soaked up some of the accident as well. Both the dog bed and the cargo cover were able to be washed (the cargo cover hosed off and hung to dry) so the accident caused very little disturbance.

The level of coverage this cargo cover provides is great for the Model S, as it protects the whole back of the rear seats, plus the cargo area – both the “floor” and up the sides. We did find that the shape of the cover plus the side of the large cargo area of the Model S resulted in the two corners being exposed. However, stuffing an old towel or sheet in each does the trick.

Regardless of whether the dog is laying still, sitting up straight or resting her chin on the rear seat while looking forward, her stray hairs are kept neatly contained on the cover and not in our car. Once done with use, the cover can be shook outside to rid it of any hair, which easily slides off the surface. The cover is then folded up and put away for next time.

For the price, the pet cargo cover for the Model S does an excellent job at what it is meant for. It is not stylish or perfectly flush, but I would recommend it as a quick and affordable solution to keep pet hair out of your Model S. In fact, I would also recommend it for transporting messy or dirty items such as muddy sports equipment, potted plants or newly glittered crafts items.

Installation takes under five minutes.

Step 1: Unfold cargo cover

Installation 1

Step 2: Hang the cover’s loops around rear seat headrests

installation 2

Step 3: Use Velcro fasteners to attach sides

Installation 3

Step 4: Cover the small space left uncovered in each corner with a folded towel or sheet

hole before step 4

Installation 4

Last towels


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