Right-hand drive Model X will soon hit Australia, Tesla launch event Aug 24

Tesla has begun sending invitations to Model X reservations holders from Australia to attend the official launch event for the electric crossover SUV. Invitees to the August 24 event, to take place at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney, quickly took to the TMC forum to share a copy of their invitations and overall enthusiasm for the news.


[Source: PaulW of TMC via The Country Caller]

While the US, Canada, parts of Europe, and China have already seen deliveries of the Model X, Australia and other right-hand drive nations continue to wait, likely because Tesla has prioritized production of the more traditional left-hand drive units over its right-hand drive (RHD) variants.

Tesla has not confirmed whether a RHD version of the Model X will be in attendance at the launch event. It would be the first time anyone has seen this type of configuration should the company reveal it at the event.

Early versions of Tesla’s Model X suffered from quality control issues. Customers would complain about trim pieces coming ajar and faulty second row seats, but by far the most common of complaints centered around the vehicle’s unique falcon wing doors. Tesla continued to improve the doors through a series of over-the-air software updates aimed to address the unpredictability of the dual-hinged sensor-laden falcon wing doors.

The general consensus among Model X owners is that Tesla has worked out the early kinks and thereby have significantly improved the quality of, what Elon describes as,  the “best car ever”.

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