Rivian launches FleetOS management system in Amazon EDVs

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian developed a comprehensive fleet management system, called FleetOS. In a 10-K SEC filing, Rivian lists FleetOS as a subscription service. 

Amazon EDVs already use Rivian’s fleet management system. FleetOS is designed to centralize fleet management and ownership from purchasing Rivian EDVs to resale. 

The subscription platform supports fleet owners with vehicle distribution, service, telematics, software services, charging, connectivity management, and lifecycle management. FleetOS also works with non-Rivian vehicles, allowing fleet owners to unify their operations. 

“Through FleetOS we have developed our own telematics, remote vehicle controls, driver safety solutions, vehicle health analytics, and an asset tracking platform. This data is processed through the Rivian Cloud allowing customers to build downloadable reports, alerts, and geofencing to customize the front-end experience,” noted Rivian in its Q2 2022 Shareholders Letter.

According to Rivian, FleetOS has a predictive nature which provides more opportunities for automatic scheduling of mobile services when the vehicle is not in use. Its predictive nature is designed to decrease the total cost of ownership and maximize the fleet’s uptime. 

FleetOS as Rivian’s Recurring Revenue

Rivian reported that all Amazon EDVs subscribed to its FleetOS. However, it does not mention the cost of a subscription. The EV automaker expects to refine FleetOS using its learnings from Amazon’s EDVs. 

Rivian believes that converting customers to service subscribers will grow its revenue outside vehicle sales. FleetOS is part of Rivian’s subscription service plans. 

“We offer a variety of services, including financing and insurance, vehicle maintenance and repair, charging, and FleetOS solutions that we believe will grow our revenue outside of vehicle sales. As we increase our base of Rivian customers and expand our services portfolio, we expect our customers to expand their usage of our service offerings over the full lifecycle of their vehicle ownership.

“We believe the services portion of our business will have the benefit of creating a higher-margin, recurring revenue stream for each vehicle, therefore improving our margin profile. Our ability to grow revenue and our long-term financial performance will depend in part on our ability to drive adoption of these offerings,” noted Rivian in a SEC filing.

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Rivian launches FleetOS management system in Amazon EDVs
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