Rivian discontinues Explore Package, encourages customers to upgrade 

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian discontinued its Explore Package configuration and encouraged customers to upgrade their orders to the Adventure Package. 

Rivian initially revealed details about the Explore and Adventure Packages in 2020. The Explore Package was the more affordable option for reservation holders. However, Rivian found that only a tiny percentage of customers ordered the Explore Package. 

“After weighing customer demand, Rivian decided to remove Explore Package as an option when configuring an R1T and R1S. We realize this news comes as a surprise and apologize to customers who have had their planning impacted,” stated Rivian to customers. “By focusing on the Adventure trim package, we’re able to streamline our supply chain and ultimately deliver vehicles more quickly.” 

Rivian Customer Options

Now that Rivian discontinued the Explore Package, reservation holders who chose the trim have three options. 

1. Upgrade to the Adventure Package

Rivian has already updated its website, removing the Explore Package as an option. The only option available now is the Adventure Package.

Some people in the Rivian Owners Forum, who ordered upgraded from the Explore to Adventure Package, noted that it was worth it. Reservation holders can customize their configurations further by choosing between a Dual-Motor AWD or Quad-Motor AWD Drive system. The Quasi-Motor AWD costs an extra $8,000. 

Rivian also offers three different battery packs. The Standard pack has an estimated range of 260+ miles. The Large Pack’s range is 320+ miles, costing an extra $6,000. The Max pack costs a whopping $16,000 more and has an estimated range of 400+ miles. 

Customers can also choose between nine different paint and five wheel/tire options. Rivian also offers three interior finishes. Then, of course, there are additional gear customers can buy from Rivian, like the Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak package, which comes with a literal sink. 

2. Do nothing

Customers can choose to do nothing. However, Rivian will remove their preorder from their production queue if they haven’t reconfigured their reservation by September 1. The company will store their preorder date, and they can still configure their order through their Account Page. However, they will not receive an estimated delivery date until they update their configuration. 

3. Cancel the order

Customers may choose to cancel their orders altogether. Rivian is prepared to terminate binding agreements with customers who want to lock in their orders to avail EV credits before the Inflation Reduction Act takes effect. 

“Through September 16, any Explore customer who would like to cancel their order and receive a full refund may do so. Because we no longer plan to produce the vehicle you had configured when signing the binding order agreement, we will agree to terminate that agreement and refund your full deposit amount. Your binding order agreement cannot be reinstated,” clarified Rivian. 

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Rivian discontinues Explore Package, encourages customers to upgrade 
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