Rivian R1T size, specifications and dimensions in detail

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian shared more details about the R1T’s cargo space as deliveries loom closer. Each cargo space and nook seems designed to fit an R1T owner’s various adventures. 

(Credit: Rivian)

What the Frunk?

As with any typical battery electric vehicle, the first cargo space to look at would be the frunk. The R1T’s frunk has a total volume of 11 cubic feet and features LED lighting, a 12V outlet, a cargo net for small items, and a safety release. As per Rivian’s description, the frunk of the R1T can hold half a dozen full-sized grocery bags or two full-sized coolers. The frunk closes and opens automatically with Rivian’s app, the fob, in-vehicle controls, or the exterior button under the lighter. 

(Credit: Rivian)

Dive into the Gear Tunnel

One of the more unique cargo spaces on the R1T would be its 65” Gear Tunnel. The Gear Tunnel features LED lighting, a 12V outlet, a 110V outlet, and a safety release. It can be opened and closed through Rivian’s app, in-vehicle controls, or a button on the bed rail. 

Rivian noted that the watertight Gear Tunnel would be equivalent to a mudroom, where owners could place slushy snowboards or sandy beach blankets. Every part of the Gear Tunnel seems to have a purpose, including its door, which people can sit on or step on to access the truck’s roof. Each door also functions as cargo space as they have hidden compartments to hide smaller items like leashes or even tennis balls. 

(Credit: Rivian)

Lay items on the R1T Bed 

The Rivian R1T’s size falls between a mid-sized truck and a full-sized pickup. With the tailgate up, the R1T bed is 54” long, with a 45.5” overhang past the rear tires. The bed can extend up to 83.6” with the tailgate down, thanks to its gooseneck hinge system. The R1T tailgate can be opened automatically through the app, fob, in-vehicle controls, or button on the bed rail.

The R1T bed is designed for bigger, bulkier gear or items like mountain bikes or sheets of plywood. Rivian noted that the space between the wheel arches in the R1T bed measures over 50”, and a long-bearing panel eliminates the gap when the tailgate is down. So the R1T bed is a continuously flat surface from front to back.  

The bed also features LED lighting, two 15-amp 110V outlets, and an air compressor with a maximum pressure of 150 psi for tires or inflatable items. Rivian paid extra attention to the R1T bed and placed forged steel tie-downs on each corner and an additional four tie-downs above the bed rails. There is also more storage space underneath the bed, big enough to fit a full-sized spare tire. 

To top off the R1T bed, Rivian designed two lockable tonneau cover options. The powered tonneau cover retracts using the app, in-vehicle controls, or a button on the bed rail. While the manual cover is made up of four lightweight panels that can easily be removed and stored inside the Gear Tunnel.

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Rivian R1T size, specifications and dimensions in detail
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