Rivian rolls out its own insurance program with comprehensive coverage

Credit: Rivian

Rivian has announced its own insurance program. Rivian insurance seems to go hand-in-hand with the company’s extensive warranty coverage and its mobile service model.

The company plans to offer Rivian insurance in 40 states initially and expand the service to every market its vehicles are available. Customers can get a quote on Rivian Insurance while ordering their new vehicles online.

Rivian insurance covers off-roading equipment, including Rivian accessories like the Camp Kitchen and Rooftop Tent. The company states that its insurance program could integrate multiple policies for Rivian adventurers, too.

It may surprise customers to know that Rivian insurance also covers other vehicles customers they may own and even their homes, boats, campers, and dirt bikes. Rivian is working with leading providers to offer comprehensive policies and premium customization for integrated policies.

Besides allowing customers to bundle their insurance needs, Rivian insurance also offers Driver+ rate reductions. Rivian owners can lower their insurance rate by opting to join a program, which provides savings every time drivers use Active Driving Assistance. The program would incentivize using Driver+ and could increase the amount of data Rivian gathers for its advanced driver assist system.

With the introduction of its own insurance coverage, Rivian has drawn another parallel between itself and Tesla. Elon Musk recently talked about Tesla Insurance and the company’s drive to improve its collision repair capabilities.

Rivian insurance promises an end-to-end approach when it comes to repairs. “By working as one team with Rivian Service and Parts, and with Rivian Collision Centers and Service Centers performing the work, our aim is to deliver a fully integrated experience. This efficiency not only helps owners get their vehicles back more quickly, it also helps us offer lower premiums,” Rivian stated.

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Rivian rolls out its own insurance program with comprehensive coverage
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