Samsung challenges Tesla with long range battery technology

Source: Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI revealed its latest battery technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week that could challenge Tesla for long range battery supremacy. Samsung’s cylindrical lithium ion cells when grouped into battery modules will reportedly extend electric vehicle range to 600 to 700 kilometers (372 to 435 miles).

For comparison, Tesla’s flagship Model S has an all-electric range of 315 miles; the Long Range Model 3 has 310 miles of range, and Model X boasts up to 289 miles of driving range.

Samsung is looking to provide versatile battery technology could have a major impact on the EV market as a whole. Many skeptics point to range and charging convenience as two aspects affecting consumers decisions. For Tesla, an improved Supercharger network — which the company has committed to expanding into urban areas — and longer vehicle range could quell any rising doubts.

Samsung said that the range of a vehicle depended on how many modules were being included in the battery.

“Its users can change the number of modules as they want as if they place books on a shelf,” says Samsung. “For example, if 20 modules are installed in a premium car, it can go 600 to 700 kilometers. If 10 to 12 modules are mounted on a regular sedan, it can run up to 300 kilometers. This pack is expected to catch the eyes of automakers, because they can design a car whose mileage may vary depending on how many modules of a single pack are installed.”

That module flexibility could mean price flexibility for automakers looking to venture into the electric car space. Just this week, Mercedes-Benz announced that it is planning to electrify its entire lineup within the next 5 years.

How do you think Samsung’s entrance as a supplier for long range electric vehicle batteries will impact Tesla? Let us know in the comments below.

Samsung challenges Tesla with long range battery technology
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