SpaceX reduces Starlink monthly fee from €99 to €85 in Ireland

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SpaceX reduced the price of its monthly Starlink internet services in Ireland from €99 to €85 per month. The new fee took effect on Wednesday, August 24, 2022. 

“The price reduction factors in your local market conditions is meant to reflect parity in purchasing power across our customers,” noted SpaceX about its Starlink services in Ireland.

Starlink’s Competition in Ireland

Ireland has nine main broadband providers, listed below. 

  • Digiweb
  • eir
  • imagine
  • Magnet Networks
  • Pure Telecom
  • Regional Broadband
  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone

Digiweb claims to be the number one internet broadband provider in Ireland. It also seems to be the most popular. It offers fixed-line broadband and call bundles.

Digiweb also provides 100% SIRO-powered fiber broadband to customers. Digiweb has a SIRO broadband plan for €29.95 a month until September 30, 2022. It offers 1,000Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload speeds, claiming to be the fastest WiFi powered by a FritzBox Modem. 

Decreasing Starlink Service Prices

Ireland is the second country where Starlink reduced its subscription price. Earlier this month, SpaceX reduced its Starlink service price in France from €99 to €50 per month, significantly lower than in Ireland. 

“This price reduction is part of a pilot program aimed at connecting the greatest number of people without degrading the quality of service. As a loyal Starlink user, the short-term payoff for you will be the same Starlink service at half price,” stated an email shared with Teslarati

Starlink plans to implement a Fair Use policy in France by October 2022, as it prepares to expand its coverage in the country. The policy ensures that users who consume large amounts of data do not negatively affect the service to other Starlink customers. 

Starlink’s price reduction announcement did not state if SpaceX would also start implementing a Fair Use Policy in Ireland. 

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SpaceX reduces Starlink monthly fee from €99 to €85 in Ireland
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