Starlink Wi-Fi 6 router gets regulatory approval

(Credit: SpaceX)

SpaceX received regulatory approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Starlink’s second Wi-Fi 6 router. 

The FCC approved Starlink’s second Wi-Fi 6 router last week under the model “UTR-232.” SpaceX filed to keep the new router’s design and external photos confidential for six months. 

At first glance, Starling’s “UTR-232” router appears to be an updated version of the “UTR-231” router. Both models feature two built-in LAN ports, but the updated “UTR-232” has two power adapters: UTP-231L and UTP-232C. Starlink’s “UTR-231” router has one adapter: the UTP-231L.

SpaceX started selling the “UTR-231” Wi-Fi 6 router in July for $199. The router was offered to select subscribers in the United States, reported PC Magazine.

In September, the FCC approved two new Starlink dish designs. One of the designs was a mini version of Starling’s dishes. 

SpaceX’s FCC application revealed that the Starlink mini dish’s measurements are 11.4 inches by 9.8 inches. The aerospace company claimed that the Starlink mini dish is made for portability.

 In its application, SpaceX explained the mini dish will “allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of high-speed, low-latency broadband wherever they live or work, including in rural and remote areas where mobile or portable applications are necessary.”

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Starlink Wi-Fi 6 router gets regulatory approval
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