Starlink mini dish

Starlink’s mini dish gets approval from the FCC

(Credit: SpaceX)

The United States Federal Communications Commission recently approved Starlink’s two new dish designs. One of the new Starlink dishes was a mini version made to be more portable for customers. 

According to SpaceX’s FCC application, the Starlink mini dish’s measurements are 11.4 inches by 9.8 inches. SpaceX claimed that the Starlink mini dish is made for portability. In its application, SpaceX explained the mini dish will “allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of high-speed, low-latency broadband wherever they live or work, including in rural and remote areas where mobile or portable applications are necessary.”

The second dish SpaceX applied for FCC Approval appears to be an upgrade on its Standard Starlink dish. The application stated the new Stalrink dish offers “a high-performance solution for consumers that improves upon SpaceX Services’ previously authorized fixed user terminal models.” The second Starlink dish in the SpaceX application is smaller than the High-Performance dish, measuring 22.4 by 14.7 inches.

Starlink offers customers three dishes, each designed for specific scenarios and uses. The Standard Starlink dish available is 20.2 by 11.9 inches. The Standard Starlink dish is best for residential users. 

Starlink also offers a High-Performance dish for businesses and enterprises. It can connect to more satellites and is more resilient. Starlink’s High-Performance dish is 22.6 by 20.1 inches. 

Then there is Starlink’s Flat High-Performance dish, measuring 22.6 by 20.1 inches. Starlink’s Flat High-Performance dish is made for mobility. It has enhanced GPS capabilities and can connect to more satellites, providing a more stable internet connection. The Flat High-Performance Starlink dish is made for use in motion. 

The SpaceX FCC application did not indicate when the new dishes would be available for purchase. However, PC Magazine reported that SpaceX started offering Starlink Gen 3 Wi-Fi routers to select subscribers.

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Starlink’s mini dish gets approval from the FCC
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