Starlink starts including “Cat 5” sticker with every dish to commemorate a meme moment

Image Credit: Aaron Taylor/Twitter

SpaceX has started including stickers of cats in its Starlink kits. The quirky little addition is evidently inspired by a meme-worthy observation from Starlink’s users over the years. 

Photos of the new cat stickers were shared on social media platforms such as Reddit. SpaceX actually sells the “Cat 5” Starlink stickers on its official shop as part of a sticker pack that costs $15.00. The other stickers in the set include graphics of Starlink’s logo, a Starlink Dish, a Starlink Satellite, and “Path to Mars.” 

They started including stickers in the box now!
by u/r3dt4rget in Starlink

Starlink is designed to provide high-speed internet to areas that are underserved across the globe. As such, the satellite dish is fitted with a “self-heating” feature that’s just enough to melt snow. This way, users would have no issues accessing the internet during winter. 

As observed by Starlink user Aaron Taylor back in December 2021, however, the self-heating system of the terminal has an unintended use. As it turns out, Starlink terminals also work great as cat warmers. The Starlink user shared a photo of his Starlink dish being used by five cats that were crammed into the terminal. 

Taylor noted on Twitter that the cats actually have a nice, heated cat house and a lot of shelter from the cold. But cats are cats, and they, of course, do only what they want. The five cats simply decided that they would rather stay on a heated satellite dish than in an actual cat house. 

Stow and dislodge cats 😂
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Since then, cats on Starlink dishes have pretty much become a meme among netizens, with Starlink users posting photos of their cats on or near their satellite dishes from time to time. SpaceX actually referenced Starlink’s tendency to attract felines in the system’s settings, with screenshots of the satellite internet’s app specifically mentioning cats. 

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Starlink starts including “Cat 5” sticker with every dish to commemorate a meme moment
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