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SpaceX removes 1 TB fair use system for Starlink “Standard” service plan

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Elon Musk’s Starlink appears to have quietly updated its fair use policy. With the update, customers under the company’s “Standard” plan now have unlimited data, as opposed to the previous 1 TB data cap.

The unlimited data allocation system for Starlink’s Standard plan was detailed on the company’s official website. “The Standard Service Plan assigns an unlimited amount of ‘Standard’ data each month to customers. The Standard Service Plan is designed for personal, family, or household use,” Starlink’s updated Fair Use policy noted.

Social media users have also shared a message that they received from the private space company. According to SpaceX’s message, Starlink customers with the company’s Standard plan will no longer be deprioritized after using up 1 TB of data.

SpaceX also highlighted Starlink’s four types of service plans — Standard, designed for typical households; Priority, intended for businesses and other high-demand users; Mobile, designed for portable land use like RVs; and Mobile Priority, designed for high-demand, in-motion vehicles, like ships.

It should be noted that Priority users will receive unlimited standard data once they consume the priority data allocated for their account. Priority users can then subscribe to 1 TB, 2 TB, or 6 TB worth of priority data.

The update received positive reactions from users of the satellite internet system, with some users noting that even the retired 1 TB data allocation was already quite generous. It’s difficult to argue, however, that unlimited data for Starlink’s Standard plan is still significantly better than one with a data threshold.

Starlink’s 1 TB fair use policy for the company’s entry-level customers was rolled out late last year. Since then, however, SpaceX has been able to launch more satellites for Starlink’s system. Continued optimizations of the company’s service have also been implemented.

Starlink’s updated plans can be viewed below.

Starlink Service Plans.pdf by Simon Alvarez

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SpaceX removes 1 TB fair use system for Starlink “Standard” service plan
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