StoreDot unveils integration of 100in5 battery cells into EVs for extreme fast charging

Credit: StoreDot

StoreDot has unveiled the integration of its 100in5 battery cells into electric vehicles for extreme fast charging through its I-BEAM XFC innovative cell design.

The I-BEAM XFC concept is an innovative cell-to-pack design that will help accelerate the integration of 100in5 cells into EVs, boasting cell-embedded cooling technology to help promote thermal management, and flexing its incredibly simple installation into a battery pack.

Cell-to-pack architectures aim to improve range and energy density, but StoreDot has been working to decrease charging times through innovative new cells, which it dubbed 100in5. For the past few years, we have covered StoreDot’s developments, including its discovery of low battery degradation in its XFC cells, which is encouraging as it supports fast charging and a long lifespan.

StoreDot’s developments have already won it a partnership with Polestar, and even Tesla was reportedly looking into the cells for its EVs.

Tesla examining StoreDot’s XFC Extreme Fast Charging batteries: report

It has continued developing its cells to eventually be equipped inside of EVs, and now that it has figured out an integration system, it is moving even closer.

I-BEAM XFC can be directly integrated into battery packs, and it also uses a unique, patented Structural Cooling concept that is embedded into the structure of every cell. This prevents localized hot spots and helps each cell keep uniform temperatures across the pack, helping it handle the currents required for fast charging.

StoreDot states that the I-BEAM XFC is still a concept. However, it has already received several patents around the design’s unique architecture and believes this is one of the most crucial keys to it being produced and utilized on a massive scale.

“As the pioneer of XFC battery technology, we are committed to enable extreme fast charge capability, from cell-level, to pack, to vehicle,” Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot, said. “We continue to drive innovations that will accelerate the EV revolution. With I-BEAM XFC, we have reimagined the architecture of the battery pack to truly unlock the potential of XFC in real-world vehicles. By taking a holistic approach, we have developed a concept that improves packing efficiency and battery life cycle, while enabling EV owners to charge as fast as filling up with petrol.”

StoreDot plans to have a “landmark” 2024, and hopes to demonstrate the XFC cell in an EV this year. Additionally, prismatic B-samples will arrive to OEMs this year, and StoreDot also plans to expand operations to the U.S. this year.

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StoreDot unveils integration of 100in5 battery cells into EVs for extreme fast charging
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