Polestar and StoreDot are partnering to demonstrate fastest-charging EV battery

StoreDot partners with Polestar on the world's first EV with extreme fast charging battery technology

Polestar and StoreDot are partnering to demonstrate the fastest-charging electric vehicle battery prototype, which the battery company has been working on for several years.

StoreDot’s “100in5” battery prototype is set to be demonstrated in a Polestar 5 prototype vehicle sometime next year. The battery is capable of giving drivers 100 miles of range in just five minutes of charging with its extreme fast charging, or XFC, cell.

The two companies made the announcement at Polestar Day in Los Angeles. Along with the collaboration confirmation, StoreDot demonstrated its “100in5” XFC cell’s charging capabilities alongside a prototype of a Polestar battery module.

The main idea behind the demonstration is to technically explore and show how an XFC battery cell and the technology behind its development can be applied to an existing platform.

“We can’t wait to see this technology in the hands of customers taking advantage of such game-changing charging speeds,” CEO of Storedot Dr. Doron Myersdorf said. “This is a huge step for StoreDot and a strong endorsement that our ground-breaking technology is readying for mass production. We are extremely pleased and proud that Polestar aims to be the first automotive company to showcase our extreme fast charging battery cells in a full-scale, driveable prototype.”

StoreDot has been developing the “100in5” battery for several years, and in early October, it announced that it had achieved 1,000 fast-charging cycles without any significant cell degradation. This was after an extended set of charging profile tests.

StoreDot’s extreme fast charging cells avoid degradation after 1000 cycles

StoreDot is already working with EV manufacturers like Ola Electric, VinFast, and Volvo, which is a sibling company to Polestar through Geely Motors. There have also been rumors that Tesla was looking at their battery tech in the past, but neither company confirmed that they were in a partnership.

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Polestar and StoreDot are partnering to demonstrate fastest-charging EV battery
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