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StoreDot closes in on U.S. market entry with launch of R&D campus in California

StoreDot is closing in on entering the U.S. market with the launch of a Research and Development campus in California.

StoreDot said that the new 5,800-square-foot R&D campus has several advantages, mostly having to do with its strategic location in the middle of several prestigious colleges and universities that will offer top-tier engineering talent upon graduation.

Additionally, StoreDot recognizes that several major automotive customers and manufacturing partners are located in the Southern California region, as the new R&D center is located in Irvine.

StoreDot unveils integration of 100in5 battery cells into EVs for extreme fast charging

“We are excited to officially open our Advanced Technology Campus in the heart of Southern California’s technology corridor, representing another major step towards commercializing our game-changing XFC battery technology,” Dr. David Lee, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of the Advanced Technology Campus said.

“This newly established facility allows us to tap into the incredible talent pool in the region while strengthening our ties with U.S.-based automotive OEMs, suppliers, and strategic partners. We are actively looking to grow our Irvine team to accelerate our breakthrough research in advanced battery materials and manufacturing processes for extreme fast charging of electric vehicles.”

StoreDot has already established partnerships with some notable automakers, including Polestar, which will demonstrate the XFC battery.

While unconfirmed, reports from June 2023 indicated that Tesla was examining a potential partnership with StoreDot for its batteries.

A collaboration between StoreDot and Tesla would likely ensure major developments in the direction of EV battery cell

The company has been working to develop an extreme fast-charging cell that avoids degradation due to high charging speeds. It also has attempted to develop a cell that will not be affected by cold weather, something that has caused range loss in EVs.

StoreDot manages to ‘winterproof’ its extreme fast-charging EV batteries

StoreDot’s U.S. facility will collaborate closely with the over 130 battery tech professionals located at the company’s headquarters in Herzliya, Israel.

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StoreDot closes in on U.S. market entry with launch of R&D campus in California
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