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Tesla looks ready to roll out wireless EV charging

Tesla appears to be ready to roll out wireless EV charging, according to the company’s Service Manual.

Wireless EV charging is still technically in the early stages of development, but it seems to be clearly advantageous for people, and automakers realize that.

Tesla has been diving into wireless EV charging development for some time, as last year, it acquired a company called Wiferion.

Wiferion confirmed that Tesla had acquired it. Tesla then sold the company just months later but kept its engineers for in-house wireless charging development projects.

Tesla sells wireless charging unit firm Wiferion, but keeps its engineers: report

Tesla also confirmed last year that it was in the process of working to bring inductive wireless charging to its vehicles.

Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Vice President of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy both stated during an interview with Jay Leno in 2023 that Tesla was working on developing wireless charging:

“Oh, we’re working on the inductive charging. So you don’t need to plug something in at that point. You just pull in your garage, drive over the pad, and you’re charging.”

There are numerous third-party companies out there that have been working on wireless charging as well. However, Tesla seems primed to begin offering the technology soon, as it was spotted in the Service Manual by a fan on X:

This particular Service Manual is for the Cybertruck, so it seems that the all-electric pickup may be the first vehicle in the Tesla lineup to receive the tech.

After teasing wireless charging during Tesla Investor Day in early 2023, it seems more than likely that the automaker could prepare owners for the rollout of the tech in the coming months.

Tesla has not specifically commented on the rollout of wireless charging recently, as the last references to it were from von Holzhausen and Moravy during the Jay Leno interview. However, this new finding in the service manual appears to indicate things might be moving along and could be rolled out sooner than anyone expects.

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Tesla looks ready to roll out wireless EV charging
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