Top tech reviewer MKBHD wants to talk tech with Elon Musk, make it happen

Tech superstar and Ludicrous connoisseur Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD, has Elon Musk sitting on top of his list as the person he wants to talk tech with the most. With nearly 4.3 million YouTube subscribers and several million followers across social media, MKBHD has built a legion of fans tuning in to his bandwidth-busting 4K videos, as he vets the best technology devices from mobile phones, to laptops, to cameras, and a Tesla. His Tesla.

Marques has been an outspoken fan of Musk and Tesla for years, and in September finally became one of the earliest owners of Tesla’s flagship Model S P100D. MKBHD has since published several videos detailing what it’s like to operate the tech-heavy Model S and use Tesla’s accompanying mobile app.

More recently, in a video aimed at answering questions from fans, Marques was asked who he’d like to talk tech with the most.

“If you could meet one person and talk tech with them for an hour, who would it be?”

MKBHD has interviewed Kobe Bryant and was also interviewed by Neil Degrasse Tyson in the past, but inferred that getting a sit down chat with the serial tech entrepreneur Elon Musk would be on a whole new level.

Musk’s interviews are always fascinating to watch because of his deep knowledge across a variety of subject matters, and his tendency to answer honestly and spontaneously, often times will reveal very specific insight about his companies that people otherwise wouldn’t find out.

As fans of both Musk and MKBHD, we at Teslarati think that seeing a Musk interview with Marques would be akin to finding the holy grail. If you want to see this interview take place as much as we do, just ask.


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