Tesla firmware reveals ~110 kWh battery pack expected to shatter 400-mile barrier

Blue Tesla Model S with Plaid Powertrain returns to the Nurburgring. (Credit: Teslarati)

Tesla is working on a new 110 kWh battery pack configuration that can stretch range well beyond 400 miles, according to a new discovery made in Tesla’s battery management system (BMS) firmware.

Jason Hughes, a notable Tesla owner and hacker who first uncovered the company’s plans for a “P100D” variant in 2016, found references to a larger battery pack capacity in the latest BMS firmware. “There is a packID that starts life set to ~109 kWh usable (400+ miles),” noted Hughes via Twitter, further suggesting that Tesla might be preparing for a battery pack as large as 115 kWh in capacity when factoring Tesla’s battery reserve.

Additionally, Hughes discovery points to a new battery pack configuration with 108 cells per group at ~450 volts per pack that could very well be a universal design to replace the aging Model S and Model X battery pack, while centralizing architecture for the Model 3 and upcoming Model Y.

Battery pack improvements don’t come as a surprise considering CEO Elon Musk disclosed during the Tesla Q4 2019 earnings call that the company is rapidly approaching a 400-mile range for the Model S. “It won’t be long before Model S has 400-mile range,” said Musk.

Just last week, Tesla Model S received a range boost from 370 miles to 390 miles of EPA-rated range, while the flagship Model X SUV saw an increase from 328 miles to 351 miles.

With confirmation from Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the next-generation Model S and Model X will utilize a larger capacity battery to support its new Plaid Powertrain, the latest leak by Hughes can be seen as further validation that new battery advancements will be announced soon.

A future battery pack upgrade can only help Tesla break the 400-mile barrier and widen the range gap with any would-be competition. Tesla ups the ante and solidifies its position as the leader of the pack in the electric vehicle industry with its focus on new battery advancements – something the community expects Elon Musk to present in its upcoming “Battery Day”.

Tesla firmware reveals ~110 kWh battery pack expected to shatter 400-mile barrier
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