Tesla is accelerating the popularity of EV purchases

Tesla is accelerating the popularity of EV purchases

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As Tesla became a household name, purchase intention has gone up 6% according to new research from Parks Associates.

Other major OEMs such as Ford, GM, and Stellantis announcing and marketing their own EVs have also helped.

However, Tesla has been the most vocal advocate for EVs and is continuing to achieve its goals.

The Research

As the EV market continues to blossom and grow, the research by Parks Associates predicts major changes coming to the energy space.

The research highlights EV owner demographics, types of vehicles owned, the overall perception of EVs and their features, the frequency of charging EVs year-over-year, the type of vehicles owned among EV intenders, and more.

The research firm will share insights from the sector of the energy and smart home market in the virtual session, Electric Vehicles: A New Era for Consumers on Thursday, August 4 as part of the 13th annual Smart Energy Summit Engaging the Consumer.

Electric Vehicles: A New Era for Consumers

Currently, 26% of U.S. households have a high familiarity with EVs, however, this will change.

The virtual session will cover these changes and address the growing number of EVs on the market as well as the EV growth in adoption. They will also speak about the grid and the needed infrastructure to support EV growth.

ChargePoint’s Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Janson, will be featured along with two panels, “EV Growth and Outlook” and “Breaking Barriers: Infrastructure and Charging Stations.”

You can learn more here.

How Tesla being a household name helps.

Although the study is primarily focused on EVs and EV charging, EVs would not be as popular today if it wasn’t for Tesla.

Tesla is a very unique company in the sense that it does not pay for advertising. Yet it is now a household name.

This has helped make EVs popular as competitors focus on beating Tesla by bringing their own EVs to market.

EV purchase intention recently grew by 6% as Tesla became a household name and as these major automakers sought to bring their own EVs to market. This is a great thing for consumers who do want to go electric.

Tesla’s Main Rival

Tesla’s main rival isn’t any automaker. In May 2022, Elon Musk pointed out that Tesla’s actual rival is much larger than the auto industry itself. It’s Aramco.

“When Tesla’s market cap, making sustainable energy products, exceeds that of Aramco, producing fossil fuels, you know the future will be good for Earth.”

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Tesla is accelerating the popularity of EV purchases
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