Tesla Supercharger Network opening one new stall every hour

Credit: Tesla

The NACS era has officially begun. Starting today, Ford’s all-electric vehicles could access the Tesla Supercharger Network using a dedicated NACS adapter. Other carmakers like Rivian, GM, Polestar, and Volvo are expected to gain Supercharger access this Spring 2024. With this in mind, it would appear that the number of EVs that would depend on the Supercharger Network is bound to see a notable increase. 

Fortunately, Tesla seems to be on a path that would ensure NACS users are well-supported. As per the automaker, the installations of Supercharger stalls will continue to ramp in North America. So far today, over 15,000 stalls are available for NACS access. This number is bound to increase, however, as Tesla noted that the Supercharger Network is opening one new stall every hour

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, we are making it as easy as possible for drivers to own and charge an electric vehicle (EV). That’s why we’re opening our fast-charging network to allow more EV drivers to charge at over 15,000 Supercharging stalls across North America. And with approximately one new stall opening every hour, we’re just getting started,” Tesla wrote. 

Considering Tesla’s comment, EV owners in North America could probably expect to see about 730 NACS-compatible stalls being added to the Supercharger Network every month. This means that by the end of February next year, there will likely be over 23,000 stalls available for NACS vehicles in North America. 

Prior to the widespread adoption of NACS, non-Tesla owners were largely stuck to using other networks like Electrify America, which are equipped with CCS plugs. While such chargers are also able to provide rapid charging to EVs, their reliability tended to fall short of Tesla’s Supercharger Network. This, in a way, has held back the adoption of EVs in North America. 

But with the NACS era finally here, long trips in EVs should no longer be a problem. The Tesla Supercharger Network, after all, has so far achieved a 99.95% uptime, making it one of the region’s most reliable rapid charging systems for electric vehicles. As per Tesla on its official NACS page, its decision to open the Supercharger Network to non-Teslas is driven by a desire to do what’s right. 

“Increasing access to charging is a pillar of Tesla’s mission. Since 2012, we’ve been building the best charging experience in the world, achieving a 99.95% uptime. We engineer, manufacture and install Superchargers where drivers need them most. Superchargers were always intended to be made available to other EV drivers. Opening our charging network is the right thing to do and helps us accelerate the transition to sustainable energy,” Tesla noted. 

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Tesla Supercharger Network opening one new stall every hour
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