Ex-Tesla policy head becomes executive of Zero Emission federal coalition 

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The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) appointed ex-Tesla policy head Albert Gore as its new Executive Director. Gore will be taking over ZETA’s Executive Director position from Joe Britton.

Gore worked at Tesla for approximately 6 years and 11 months, from September 2015 to July 2022. He was Tesla’s Eastern U.S. Lead of Public Policy and Business Development. Gore also has ties to Solar City before its acquisition by Tesla. At Solar City, Gore was Deputy Director of Policy and Electricity Market. 

“Joe and the ZETA team have accomplished a lot in the last two years, and I am excited to work with such a committed and knowledgeable group,” stated Albert Gore. 

“It is a thrilling time for the electric vehicle industry. Landmark investments up and down the supply chain will make EVs more accessible for American families and create thousands of jobs throughout the country. My priority will be to work closely with ZETA members and policymakers as this transformational consumer and industrial policy is implemented. Our goal is to ensure that the transition to the future of transportation benefits all Americans,” he said.

Gore has his work cut out for him. ZETA has accomplished two-thirds of its policy goals under former Executive Director Joe Britton, setting the bar high for Gore. Some of those policy goals were significant milestones in the group’s zero-emission journey. 

ZETA has a six-part policy platform to accomplish its ultimate goals: 1) creating jobs in every congressional district; 2) securing American global EV manufacturing leadership; 3) improving public health; 4) reducing carbon pollution. The six pillars of ZETA’s policy platform are listed below.

Pillar 1: Light-Duty EV Consumer Adoption

Pillar 2: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Electrification

Pillar 3: National Charging Initiative

Pillar 4: Encourage Domestic Manufacturing

Pillar 5: Performance and Emissions Standards

Pillar 6: Federal Leadership

Under Pillar 1, ZETA set four goals, including reforming the federal EV consumer credit and making consumer incentives point-of-sale refundable. 

It accomplished the two goals mentioned above by supporting the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), passed last year. The IRA removes the 200,000 unit-per-manufacturer cap and provides up to $7,500 for new EV purchases. Pillar 1 also includes ZETA’s goal to create tax credits for previously owned EVs, which the IRA covers by providing up to $4,000 tax credits for used EV purchases.

By supporting the IRA and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), ZETA has hit goals in each of its 6 pillars. 

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Ex-Tesla policy head becomes executive of Zero Emission federal coalition 
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