Tesla expects to fully meet Inflation Reduction Act requirements

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Tesla confirmed efforts to meet requirements for the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). During the recent earnings call a TSLA shareholder asked to elaborate on Tesla’s ability to meet the requirements for consumer tax credit eligibility under the Inflation Reduction Act. Elon Musk replied that Tesla expects to meet IRA requirements fully. 

“Yes. We view [the] passing of the Inflation Reduction Act as a significant boost towards accelerating automation while also scaling the battery supply chain at large in the United States,” elaborated Zackary Kirkhorn, Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer. 

“We expect Treasury to publish detailed guidance by the end of the year. Until such time, it’s difficult to fully determine the eligibility criteria, but we believe Tesla is very well positioned to capture a significant share of that for solar storage and also electric vehicles,” Kirkhorn said.

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Earlier this month, the Treasury started seeking public feedback on regulations overseeing the energy tax benefits rolling out with the IRA. Senior White House adviser John Podesta noted that guidance on the incentives and IRA’s requirements should be available by the end of 2022, reiterating Kirkhorn’s words at the earnings call. 

The IRA bill includes up to $4,000 tax credits for electric vehicle purchases and benefits for EV battery production in North America. Tesla’s 4680 battery cell production seems like a perfect fit for the IRA. 

Musk shared that Tesla is moving as fast as possible to achieve 1,000 GWh a year of battery production capacity within the United States. He highlighted that an expedited permitting process would significantly contribute to the transition to sustainable energy.

“So, I would recommend expedited permitting would really be helpful. I think in sense fast track things that are important for the environment and humanity for sure. That seems logical. And the reception has been positive. So, we’ll see if something happens with that,” the Tesla CEO noted.

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Tesla expects to fully meet Inflation Reduction Act requirements
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