Tesla’s appeal to the next generation of car buyers highlighted in community video

Credit: Twitter | @TeslaCN

There is no question that Tesla has a significant appeal to all generations, but the younger crowd certainly has a certain interest that is unmatched compared to other age groups.

In China, the next generation of car buyers are getting a chance to share their thoughts about Tesla’s electric cars in a company-produced video from the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

The ten-day-long event allows spectators to view a variety of cars from a wide array of auto manufacturers. This year, Tesla seemed to hold a significant advantage in terms of appeal, with many of the attendees flocking toward the all-electric car company’s exhibit, which featured appearances from the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

The video, which was posted initially by @TeslaCN, the company’s official account for the Chinese market, shows several young children talking about their favorite characteristics of Tesla vehicles.

From colors to features, Teslas are arguably the most kid-friendly vehicles on Earth. While children still are not permitted to drive the all-electric cars, there are plenty of entertainment options within the vehicles that will keep kids occupied during their venture.

On-screen games, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and other interesting features separate Teslas from other cars. However, these features serve to keep drivers occupied during downtime and children during long drives and charging sessions.

Interestingly, the kids in the video are likely between 8-12 years old and have several years until they will be driving a Tesla electric vehicle. But in China, the demand for the company’s cars has been an overwhelming success and has been a testament to not only Tesla’s adoption of sustainable transportation, but also citizen support in foreign countries.

Coming off of a strong August where the Model 3 was the most popular EV in China with over 11,800 units sold, according to the EV Sales Blog, there is no shortage of demand in the country. However, some bearish analysts see China as a “weak point” for Tesla, which is interesting considering the overwhelming growth that the company has shown since entering the market with domestically-produced cars at the beginning of 2020.

Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas indicated earlier in October that Tesla would sell 0 units in China by 2030.

Tesla to sell zero cars in China by 2030, Morgan Stanley’s Jonas says

“We have China sales peaking [in the] middle of the decade and then going down…and then eventually nothing after 2030,” Jonas said to On the Move, a Yahoo Finance show, last week. Jonas’ basis comes from the AI network and how the Chinese government would more than likely not accept Tesla’s American-developed software for operation because of the U.S.-China trade relationship.

However, Tesla has plenty of demand in China. With the country’s younger generations showing plenty of support for the electric automaker, the 2030 diminishment of sales is likely a far-fetched idea.

Tesla’s appeal to the next generation of car buyers highlighted in community video
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