Tesla PC Games Rainway App

Tesla owners can now play PC games in their car

Tesla PC Games Rainway App (Source: Andrew Sampson | Twitter)

Tesla owners can now play their favorite PC games on the touchscreen of their Model 3, Model S, or Model X using the Rainway app.

Rainway chief executive Andrew Sampson shared on Twitter the news and reminded Tesla owners that they can only play games while safely parked or else the game will fail to play.

“Our community is full of amazing people who have been pinging @elonmusk about us being in the Tesla entertainment center for over a year now. I’m bringing this energy. I still want to build a native app though,” Sampson wrote.

According to Sampson, the project is still considered experimental and they are still working on some issues such as gamepad issues. The Rainway technology relies on the Pulsar engine that can capture gameplay seamlessly in real-time and encode it in full high definition to a video stream in a matter of milliseconds. The Pulsar Engine, according to Rainway, was engineered to allow ultra-low-delay game streaming. It makes use of modern APIs such as DirectX 12 for better performance and power efficiency.

Rainway is free to download and install, and Tesla owners just need to visit play.rainway.com using the browser on their vehicle and plug in a controller. According to Sampson, he was personally able to try popular game titles such as Crysis, Doom, and Halo inside a Tesla.

The integration of apps such as Rainway further expands the fun factor of Tesla vehicles already known for having one of the best, if not, the best in-car infotainment system. The Tesla Arcade also features popular games such as Cuphead, Beach Buggy, Star Dew Valley, Lost Backgammon, among others. While there are virtual controls on the touchscreen of the vehicle one can use to play the games,  Beach Buggy takes the experience to another level as can be controlled using the steering wheel of the vehicle. Tesla owners can also use wired USB PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Gaming inside a Tesla is a great way to kill time while juicing up one’s vehicle or while on Camp Mode. Elon Musk is also looking to boost the list of games on the Tesla Arcade, and from time to time asks Tesla owners if they are looking forward to adding specific titles such as one time when he held a poll to get the pulse about “The Witcher” game.

Tesla owners can now play PC games in their car
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