More Tesla Model 3 Highland vehicles land in Australia for deliveries

(Credit: Esther Kokkelman)

More Tesla Model 3 Highland vehicles have landed in Australia, ready for delivery. 

“Many more upgraded Tesla Model 3(s) are arriving in Australia now,” noted EV influencer Esther Kokkelmans. “So happy that more of these beautiful cars will be seen on the Australian roads soon.”

Kokkelmans also shared that the Tesla Model 3 Highland units in the pictures she shared were delivered in Sydney. 

Tesla has faced some challenges while trying to deliver vehicles in Australia over the past few months. 

For instance, the Texas-based automaker had difficulty delivering Model Y units from October to December 2023. Australia’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry detected stink bugs on a cargo ship carrying Model Y vehicles. The crew on board the vessel tried to fumigate the ship, but it was ultimately sent back to China. 

The Tesla Model 3 Highland hasn’t escaped delivery challenges in Australia either. 

Recently, Federal regulators started investigating the upgraded Model 3 for potentially breaching motor-vehicle rules under the Australian Design Rules (ADR). Tesla risks a stop-delivery notice or recall in Australia if federal regulators find that Tesla has violated the ADR. 

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More Tesla Model 3 Highland vehicles land in Australia for deliveries
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