Tesla battery supplier CATL slots $5 billion for cell recycling facility in China

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Tesla battery supplier Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) has announced that it has plans to build a $5 billion cell recycling facility in Hubei, China.

Battery suppliers across the world are becoming busier than ever as more automakers begin transitioning to electrification. While battery capacity is growing due to suppliers opening more plants and coordinating more partnerships with car companies, the need for batteries continues to grow with each passing day. While CATL already has plans to expand its battery capacity in China to supplement Tesla’s growing sales, it is now looking to enter battery recycling ventures, which will only help supplement the company’s need to supply its clients with a sufficient number of cells.

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A new report from Reuters states that CATL has plans to invest up to 32 billion yuan, or around $4.96 billion, for a recycling plant. The growth of the electric vehicle sector has most likely given CATL the reason to expand its manufacturing footprint for cells as so many carmakers are transitioning to electric powertrains.

CATL is the world’s largest battery cell manufacturer, producing more cells than companies like Panasonic and LG, which also have partnerships with Tesla for cell supply.

CATL will form a joint venture with Hubei Yihua Chemical Industry Co Ltd., a manufacturer, and distributor of chemical products. Hubei Yihua Chemical will assist CATL in the recycling of EV battery materials, including lithium and cobalt. CATL revealed the partnership ina. filing.

There have been plenty of moves by CATL to expand its ability to produce electric vehicle batteries. Last month, the company acquired Millennial Lithium Corp., a Canadian company that mines lithium, a crucial material used in the production of electric batteries. CATL paid $298 million for the acquisition of Millennial Lithium.

As previously mentioned, Tesla is one of CATL’s major clients for batteries, and the company recently raised around $9 billion in a share sale that would be used to build several new factories for battery production. However, some companies are opting for battery recycling as well, including Tesla co-founder JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials, which has partnerships with Tesla, Ford, and AESC.

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Tesla battery supplier CATL slots $5 billion for cell recycling facility in China
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