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Tesla’s Bitcoin reversal confuses Jim Cramer, but he’s not giving up on Elon Musk

Tesla’s reversed outlook on accepting Bitcoin has made plenty of people scratch their heads, including Jim Cramer, a Tesla investor and Elon Musk supporter. On a live stream of his Stock Market Breakdown with Katherine Ross, Cramer says that Tesla’s and Musk’s reasoning for not accepting Bitcoin any longer doesn’t make sense. However, Cramer’s confusion isn’t causing him to give up on Tesla or Musk quite yet. “He does a lot of things that I can’t fathom that turn out to be brilliant.”

On Wednesday, Musk Tweeted a statement indicating that Tesla would no longer be accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for its products. Citing environmental concerns, Musk and Tesla remained supportive of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. However, according to the statement, mining rigs are powered by fossil fuels, especially coal, and Tesla would be willing to accept another Cryptocurrency that uses less than 1% of Bitcoin’s energy per transaction.

The statement confused many people, including those who hold prevalent positions in the world of investing. One of the confused parties was Barstool founder Dave Portnoy. Portnoy and Musk have had a favorable relationship in the past. Musk even donated to Barstool’s Small Business Fund in January that accumulated $20 million to help small-time companies in America. Portnoy was critical of Tesla’s decision and pledged not to “flip-flop” over Bitcoin. “You will have to rip my bitcoin from my cold dead hands,” Portnoy added.

Cramer’s Criticism

Cramer was critical of Musk’s decision and is curious as to what the reasoning is behind the decision. While Musk detailed the environmental concerns, Cramer doesn’t seem to believe that it is the only reason for the decision. “I don’t know why the hell he said it,” Cramer questioned during the show. “I don’t know whether there was another objection besides the environmental, because the environmental doesn’t hold water. It’s been this way the whole time. But he chose to do this, and I don’t get it. But, he does a lot of things that I can’t fathom that turn out to be brilliant.”

It is absolutely possible that Tesla’s decision to accept Bitcoin, an announcement made in March, could have been based on its recent $1.5 billion investment into the Crypto in December 2020. Non-sustainable sources generally power mining rigs, but it does come down to what individual miners choose to utilize as their power source. Cryptos can be mined using clean and environmentally friendly energy. As solar power and other forms of clean energy generation become more popular, the amount of energy used from fossil fuels per transaction will decrease.

Cramer, who was not an Elon Musk supporter several years ago, flipped his stance on Tesla after his daughter convinced him to buy a vehicle after driving one. Since then, Cramer has been vocally supportive of Tesla, Musk, and the stock, holding high hopes and expectations for the company in the coming years.

Musk’s change of heart regarding Bitcoin could have been a simple reversal on the decision. While we do not know whether other factors were involved, Tesla’s ultimate goal is to transition the world to sustainable energy in an accelerated manner, and Bitcoin mining could have gone against what the company stands for. There is no indication that Tesla will scrap Bitcoin altogether, but mining efforts need to become more sustainable in the coming years for Tesla to reconsider accepting the Cryptocurrency.

Cramer’s comments regarding Tesla and Bitcoin can be seen in the video below.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a Tesla stockholder but does not own any Bitcoin and has no intention of initiating any positions within the next 72 hours.

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Tesla’s Bitcoin reversal confuses Jim Cramer, but he’s not giving up on Elon Musk
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