Home Sweet Home: Tesla discreetly places Cybertruck inside Giga Texas

Credit: Terafactory Texas | YouTube

Tesla is continuing construction at Giga Texas, and it appears that it has discreetly placed a future resident of the facility on the second floor: the Tesla Cybertruck.

Spotted in a new drone video from Terafactory Texas, the Cybertruck has been placed upstairs at the facility as construction continues to roll on in the plant that is located just outside Austin city limits. Following a brief appearance at the factory, the Elon Musk-commanded Cybertruck appeared at the plant in mid-April to give employees and workers on site a sneak peek at what the all-electric truck looks like in real life. It seemed that Tesla had then taken the Cybertruck off of the Texas property and transported it to New York, where it made an appearance at the Tesla Showroom located in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan at 860 Washington Street.

Tesla Cybertruck spotted at NYC showroom ahead of Elon Musk’s SNL appearance

While it is not known if this is the same prototype that graced Giga Texas employees a month ago, or if it is the same Cybertruck that rolled through the streets of Manhattan last weekend, the Cybertruck seems to be getting acclimated with its future digs as the truck will be produced at the Giga Texas factory when production begins. With plans to begin limited production by the end of 2021, the Cybertruck will be one of the first all-electric pickups on the market, likely following the R1T from Rivian, which is slated for deliveries in the coming months.

Since the Cybertruck’s dedicated unveiling event in November 2019, Musk has made several comments regarding the design, production processes, and overall build of the all-electric pickup. The most recent modifications that Musk announced had to deal with the vehicle’s dimensions. After noting that an anxiety-filled entrance into the Boring Company tunnel in Hawthorne, California, gave him concerns, Musk indicated that the truck would be smaller, but only by a fraction.

He said to Joe Rogan on an episode of the comedian’s podcast:

“That’s pretty much what it [the Cybertruck] will look like, with very small differences. You know, we adjusted the size a few percent. Like around 3% or smaller. You don’t want it to be a couple of inches too big for the tunnel.”

Additionally, Musk also indicated that the stainless steel alloy that is responsible for creating the truck’s “Exoskeleton” will also be subject to changes as new, more robust alloys are discovered. “We’re rapidly changing alloy constituents & forming methods, so traditional names like 304L will become more of an approximation,” Musk told Teslarati when commenting on an article regarding an upgraded Starship prototype in July 2020. Musk confirmed that the alloy changes would also come to the Cybertruck as well.

The Cybertruck was spotted on the second floor of the Giga Texas facility. Credit: Texas Terafactory | YouTube

The Cybertruck’s underside will also be manufactured with the use of an 8,000-tonne Giga Press from IDRA. Tesla uses the Giga Press to create single-piece castings of the Model Y crossover to increase structural rigidity and improve manufacturing efficiency.

While Cybertruck production is still several months away, Tesla has the truck stored at the facility that has been deemed the “Cybertruck factory” by some. Production of the Tri-Motor and Dual-Motor variants will begin first, with the Single-Motor configuration becoming available in late 2022 if all goes according to the company’s plan.

Check out Terafactory Texas’ video of the Cybertruck inside the factory below around the 7:10 mark.

Home Sweet Home: Tesla discreetly places Cybertruck inside Giga Texas
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