Tesla Bot prototype sneak peak scheduled for AI Day #2 this August

(Credit: Tesla)

With the announcement that Tesla is holding an “AI Day 2.0” of sorts this coming August 19, CEO Elon Musk has posted some interesting tidbits about the upcoming event. Musk noted that the event would feature “many cool updates,” and one of them may very well be a prototype of Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot.  

The nature of the “cool” updates that would be announced on AI Day #2 is still up for question, though speculations suggest that they would relate to the company’s AI program. As such, it would not be surprising if Tesla provided updates on FSD, Autopilot, and Project Dojo during the event. 

While AI Day #2 will still be a recruitment event like the first AI Day last year, Musk has confirmed that it will also feature a sneak preview of Optimus, also known as the Tesla Bot. This is quite in line with Musk’s previous statements, as he has noted that a prototype of the humanoid machine will be revealed in 2022. 

While the Tesla Bot is a product that may seem far removed from the company’s existing projects in electric vehicles and energy storage, CEO Elon Musk has stated that the Optimus program is extremely important for Tesla as a whole. Musk, for example, has stated that the Tesla Bot could help address the labor shortage, as the humanoid machine could perform tasks that are boring and dangerous for human workers. 

Musk is extremely optimistic about the Optimus project. During the Q1 2022 earnings call, the CEO noted that he believes the Tesla Bot program could be worth more than Tesla’s car business today. Considering that Tesla’s electric vehicle business accounts for the majority of the company’s $789 billion market cap, such predictions are optimistic indeed. 

“I was surprised that people did not realize the magnitude of the Optimus robot program. The importance of Optimus will become apparent in coming years. Those who are insightful or listen carefully will understand that Optimus ultimately will be worth more than the car business, worth more than FSD. That’s my firm belief,” Musk said. 

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Tesla Bot prototype sneak peak scheduled for AI Day #2 this August
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