Tesla has brilliant idea for expanding EV charging stations

Tesla has a brilliant idea for expanding EV charging stations

Photo Credit: WholeMarsBlog

This may be one of Tesla’s most brilliant ideas for the expansion of the EV charging infrastructure yet.

In a screenshot posted by @WholeMarsBlog, he pointed out that owners of the latest generation of Tesla Wall Connectors with WiFI would be able to set a price to charge others to use their charger.

And it works with both Tesla vehicles and non-Tesla EVs.

This, he pointed out, would be great for apartment buildings, especially since it bills through your Tesla account.

It hasn’t been tested yet, (that we know of) but this would be a game changer for corporations and small businesses alike.

A brilliant idea.

Although @Wholemarsblog mentioned apartment complexes, this is actually a game changer for businesses especially hotels with destination chargers.

Hotels with Tesla Wall Connectors that double as destination chargers would be able to charge customers to plug in their non-Tesla EVs.

This also opens the doors for those who might want to start a business in the EV charging space.

Essentially, this has the potential to give anyone the ability to become an EV charging point.

Imagine if Walmart, Target, or any supermarket were to buy a few Tesla Wall Connectors for each of their parking lots and charge for EV charging.

Non-Tesla EV charging option on new Tesla App update.

A new Tesla App update now shows an option for Non-Tesla EV owners to charge. Although this is very new, it shows that Tesla’s goal of opening Superchargers to non-EV owners in the U.S. is close to being realized.

Currently (as of this writing), only Tesla owners with a few vehicles in their account can access the Product Switcher section.

At the bottom of the Product Switcher, you can see the option to charge a non-Tesla EV.



Tesla has a brilliant idea for expanding EV charging stations
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