Tesla installs Canada’s Biggest Battery Energy Storage System

Tesla Megapack. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has a reputation for installing large-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) worldwide to help with the transition to sustainable energy. Its most recent project is in the Canadian province of Alberta, where Tesla has installed the country’s largest BESS with the help of TD Asset Management.

The project consists of “up to 60 MW of Tesla Megapack Batteries, providing energy balancing and grid frequency regulation services that support Alberta’s growth in sustainable energy,” a press release from TD Asset Management said.

The project started in September 2020, with TD providing its initial investment to bring the first 20 MW battery storage project to the site in Alberta. It is set to be operational by December 2020. It will ultimately be managed by the TD Greystone Infrastructure Fund’s power investment platform, known as WCSB Power Holdings LP, who will construct and operate the final two 20 MW Megapacks.

Additionally, TERIC Power Limited, an Independent Power Producer that operates out of Calgary, has been given the tasks of engaging in the design and management of the Project.

Ultimately, the goal of most BESS projects is to alleviate the stress on the grid, which is usually powered by less-sustainable sources of power. According to the Canadian Energy Regulator, 91% of electricity is produced from fossil fuels in Alberta. “Approximately 43% from coal and 49% from natural gas. The remaining 8% is produced from renewables, such as wind, hydro, and biomass,” the analysis said.

In times of high energy consumption, the grid can have too much stress upon it and can cause homes or businesses to experience power outages. When this occurs, a backup is needed to keep the lights on. Usually, BESS projects are where the bottleneck is solved.

However, the adoption of sustainable energy is becoming more notable globally. In addition to the Big Battery project in South Australia, which Tesla also commissioned, the Gateway Energy Storage project is also geared toward servicing a massive market: about 80% of California and a small part of Nevada.

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Jeff Mouland, Managing Director and Head of Infrastructure Investments for TD Asset Management, says the project will help with its strategy to finance into clean tech.

“We are incredibly proud of this investment, which adds to WCSB Power’s existing generation capacity and supports our goal of becoming a market leader of energy storage projects in Canada,” Mouland said. “This investment highlights our continued strategy to invest in sustainable technologies, while furthering the growth and evolution of Alberta’s energy needs. The investment also demonstrates to our clients and stakeholders our ability to invest in sustainable power generation technologies and distribution projects within Canada.”

Tesla installs Canada’s Biggest Battery Energy Storage System
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